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A former CPA for 10 years in public and private accounting, I have built financial statements, helped companies go public, and worked with professionals outside finance on their department budgets.  In calling Nashville home for 6 years now, I have met many talented and driven professionals in the music industry along the way.  Their grit and creativity inspired me to create a service to help them with an area that should never be a chronic worry in their lives - Personal Finance.  


A busy professional who hasn't had time to take a personal finances inventory.  Someone taking a break in their career and is using it for self-reflection.  Or just someone who can't look at that credit card without getting that pit in their stomach.  Wherever you are in life, you've had enough of anxiety around your money.  If you're motivated to do the deep work to break the patterns that led you here, you've come to the right place!

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Why Coda Financial Coaching?

Holistic Financial Health.  Life-Changing Coaching.

You're motivated.  Talented.  Professional.  Going places.  But you can't quite ever get around to managing your bank account.  Another unopened mailer about a past due balance.  Another overdraft charge in your bank account.  Another pit in your stomach when your Amazon order history pops up.  CFC doesn't just give you the playbook on personal finances, but helps you align them with your core values and goals.  


In music, the coda symbol breaks a repeating musical pattern in the middle of the pattern.  Likewise, at Coda Financial Coaching, we take a look at the value systems and habits that drive your spending and investing habits, reinforcing the good ones and finding creative strategies to break the bad ones.  Below is our approach to life-changing transformation of your personal finances.  

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Your values and relationships with friends, family, and colleagues drive your finances more than you think.  Let's take an honest, compassionate look at these drivers so you are budgeting to be your best self.  



Every penny of your hard-earned money will have a home with Coda Financial Coaching.  Don't be surprised if you see other areas of your life improve soon after solidifying your budget- budgeting mindfully positively affects your outlook on life!

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No messy receipts stuffed into pockets.  No giant spreadsheets.  Within three months we'll get you on track to sustainable spending and saving habits.  And of course, get those pesky collectors off your back.  

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Your spending is under control.  Your budget set.  Your sleep- much improved!  Let's educate you on topics that will take your long-term financial health to the next level.  Insurance, savings plans, investment types- together we'll secure your financial future.


Coda Financial Coaching is a holistic solution to financial peace of mind, so we'll always start by taking a look at all of the core beliefs and habits that drive your finances.  However, the three areas below are what we will put into practice to put you on the road to financial health.  

Values-based budgeting

A budget is not sustainable without aligning it with your core values and long-term goals.  From there, the details will fall into place in any budget.  Together we'll build a budget that is a reflection of your best self- and that you can keep up.  

Debt Reduction

Together we'll work to break the patterns that got you into debt, and start aggressively tackling that debt.  

Saving & Investing

Do you know your savings options and how much you should be putting away?  It's never too late to start down the road to a secure future. 


Get Started

With some basic information, we'll get you on the path to financial health.  No commitments, no deposits.  Just sign up below and complete the enclosed Financial Keys forms using your best guestimates.  Have questions?  Simply use the contact form below and CFC will respond within 24 hours, free of charge!

Music Industry Futures Program

For a limited time, I am offering an affordable starter program to get up and coming members of the music industry here in Nashville on the road to financial peace.  

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